Getting Paid Without Going To Jail

You should be paid for all the work you do. Just because you have become efficient does not mean you should be paid less. In this online course you will learn the most common billing mistakes and pitfalls as well as documentation tips to make you more efficient.

If you undercode one 99214 as a 99213 per day you could be missing out on more than $8000 dollars per year in revenue. In reality many physicians are undercoding to the tune of 50K per year or more.

Join my Physician to Physician online billing course and make signifcant improvements in your billing and RVU production.

​​​​​​​We will make billing simple and intuitive! You will experience less stress with billing the higher codes you know you should be using.

You will have more time because you will also improve and make your documentation more efficient.

You will have lifetime access to the course and can go through at your own pace.

There are additional resources (guides, tipsheets and handouts) and practice examples in the course as well the opportunity for questions and interaction with other students.

There is a private, online facebook group where you can ask your coding and billing questions and further interact with your colleagues.

Getting Paid Without Going To Jail Course

Dr. Bass has taught billing and coding to physicians for the last 15 years. He is an experienced medical educator that will give you the 80/20 of billing and coding so that you will get more RVUs with less time and effort

Some of the content will include:
– How to bill more 99214s
– 99213 vs 99214 & 99203 vs 99204
– Billing for patient counseling
– Common coding pitfalls
– Understanding medical decision making and complexity
– Common inpatient coding mistakes
– Common errors that will get you audited
– Documentation tips and tricks  to decrease your charting
– Inpatient documentation and billing

​​​​​​​The course includes more than 4 hours of live video along with handouts, tipsheets and other resources to help you improve your billing.

Email me ( with any questions.

​​​​​​​Invest in yourself and you will see significant improvements in your billing.

The course will be live January 1 and the current $199 price is an introductory offer, so be sure to sign up now.

Invest a little time in yourself and you will see:

  • Significant improvements in your billing/ RVU production
  • A decrease in your stress levels over whether you are billing correctly
  • More time to do something else other than document and bill